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Altitutor’s Student Portal provides a seamless blend of personalised learning, expert support, and cutting-edge resources, all designed to propel you towards academic success. Engage with a community dedicated to excellence and access all the tools you need to thrive.

The Altitutor Student Portal is your gateway to a comprehensive suite of learning resources. Access study materials, seek at-home support, and manage your academic journey with ease, all in one convenient online space.

The Altitutor app is your ultimate study partner, offering instant messaging with tutors, practice questions, and timely announcements, ensuring you have the support and resources you need, right at your fingertips.

Access round-the-clock assistance with our online question board and messaging system. Whether you’re studying late at night or over the weekend, get your questions answered anytime, ensuring continuous support and guidance in your learning journey.

The Altitutor community is more than study; it’s a vibrant hub where academics blend with fun and friendship. Enjoy interactive competitions, rewards, and supportive sessions that make learning enjoyable. Here, education is about connecting, sharing, and experiencing joy in every step of your academic journey.

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Of our students improve their grade by at least one grade band within one term.

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All the resources you need

Our extensive resource library encompasses all aspects of your course, providing everything needed to excel in tests, assignments, and exams. And if you find you need any other materials for your subject, reach out and we’ll create them for you.

Learn content with ease

Study notes

Our study notes save time learning material so we can spend more time doing practice tests.

Written to be concise and easy to understand, our notes comprehensively cover every part of the content you need to know, with helpful explanations and practice examples.

Our online notes teach using the principle of active recall, with interactive sections which can be hidden and shown to test your knowledge.

Comprehensive video lessons

Our video lessons are the perfect companion for our notes, teaching you through each subtopic of the course with concise explanations, visual explanations, exam-appropiate example questions, and step by step calculator instructions.

The question board

Need help while you’re at home? Post your questions on the question board to get a response from a tutor, at any time of the day. Use our question board to ask for help solving maths questions, answer explanations, or for advice on practicals / SHE tasks. 

Ace your tests and exams

Flashcard system

Our flashcard system utilises the power of spaced repitition to schedule your study for you.

Each science course comes with pre-made flashcards for the Anki app, which are linked to the corresponding Altitutor notes.

Anki schedules your flashcards based on your performance making you study concepts you struggle with more often. This means you won’t need to relearn content before the exam – you’ll already know it.

Cheat sheets

All maths subjects have pre-made cheat sheets, with important formulas, information, and useful examples. So you don’t have to stress about making your own.

Practice questions

Our focused practice questions contain a compilation of past test and exam questionsfrom each subtopic – so you can improve at each subtopic individually.

Practice questions are organised by question type, so you can focus on exactly what you need to study.

All practice questions come with worked solutions, which show you exactly where the marks are allocated.


Our full-length practice tests are created to be as close as possible to your school tests – and you’ll have access to as many as you need both in class and at home.

Practice tests are a great way to see how ready you are for your actual test – do a practice test, write down your mistakes, drill them using practice questions, then rinse and repeat.

All tests come with worked solutions, which show you exactly where the marks are allocated.


Our full-length practice exams are created to be as close as possible to the real exams, so you know exactly what it the exam will be like before you go in. 

All exams come with worked solutions, which show you exactly where the marks are allocated.

The past SACE / IB exams with worked solutions are also available.

Excel in your assignments

Assignment writing guides

A step by step walkthrough for every assignment, with a suggested format and checklist for exactly what to include in each section.

Navigate your assignments confidently with our Assignment Writing Guides. Each guide is specific to a task type—Maths folios, Science practicals, deconstruction and design practicals, and SHE tasks.

Each guide offers a suggested structure, headings, and a checklist for key inclusions. You’ll find precise guidance on what to include in each section and example phrases to enhance your writing.

Clear, concise, and direct, these guides are your toolkit for A+ assignments.

Assignment exemplars

Our A+ assignment exemplars are from our tutors and previous students, for you to use as a model to guide your writing.

Each assignment exemplar received an A+ grade in a real school assessment, offering you a practical insight into the quality and detail required for top marks.

Use them as a model to guide your work and elevate your academic performance.

Ace the UCAT

Master the UCAT with our specialised resources. Designed to enhance your problem-solving, critical thinking, and test-taking skills, our materials prepare you thoroughly for every section of the exam. Start your journey to medical school with confidence and the right tools at your disposal.

Learning modules

The UCAT learning modules are designed to guide you through every aspect of the UCAT, transitioning you from a beginner to confidently solving questions in the allocated time.

Learning modules

The modules are divided into two primary categories. The general modules concentrate on study strategies and preparation schedules. Additionally, there is a dedicated module section for each UCAT section, detailing strategies to efficiently solve questions and enhance time management.

UCAT question bank

Our UCAT question bank is arranged into full length sets for each section, allowing you to simulate practice for your real exam.

UCAT questions
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Full question sets
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Our learning modules are divided into two types:

  • Untimed practice sets allow you to focus on learning question strategies, and improve accuracy.
  • Timed practice sets transition you to solving questions at the speed required by the UCAT.

Detailed feedback after each set goes through worked solutions for each question.

Track your progress from your dashboard, so you can see which areas need to be improved.

Simulated exams

Our full length UCAT exams are designed to be as close as possible to the actual UCAT exam, to maximise the effectiveness of your preparation.

UCAT questions

Detailed feedback after each exam goes through worked solutions for each question, allowing you to refine and improve your strategies. 

Each exam can be used to identify and target weak points, to optimise your performance for your real exam.


Our vibrant community is a place where students collaborate, forge friendships, and enjoy a rich social experience alongside their academic pursuits. Engage, connect, and grow in an environment that values personal development as much as academic success.

Alti study sessions

Need a place to study during the week? Alti Study Sessions offer a welcoming space for collaborative study at the Altitutor office in a supportive, academic environment. 

Study session times are updated weekly on the office noticeboard or our social media.

Homework help

Free for all in-person students. Come to get help with your assignments and study with your friends.

If students need additional assessment preparation, we can give you even more practice tests during our free 3-hour homework help session. We’ll also draft your assignments in person for free!


Keep up-to-date with all things Altitutor whether it’s upcoming events, study session schedules, giveaways, or the latest news, you’ll get all the essential information through the app or our social media channels.

Loyalty cards

Earn stamps for A+ work or referring friends with our Loyalty Cards. Collect and redeem them for rewards like free bubble tea or food for your class!

Alti events

Join the Altitutor community at our regular events. From focused study sessions and informative workshops to relaxed meals at the office, end-of-year parties, and games nights, there’s something for everyone!

Social media

Follow us on social media to get invites to on Alti events, updates on charities we support, study tips, and keep up with the Alti community during the week.

Weekly competitions

Engage in our ongoing weekly competitions for a chance to score high and win prizes! Each week brings a new challenge and opportunity to showcase your skills and earn rewards.

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